dsc_5508I have been training people and helping them achieving their goals my whole life. I barely noticed that, busy with other “important jobs” I have been doing. Busy with working for big and small companies, in marketing and in project management. But those trainings just kept hanging around me. And I had so much fun with them…

And then I realized that what I really have to offer are my experience in communication field, my energy and my passion to help people discover their unique set of skills and strenghts. My real mission and passion is to help people to improve the way they communicate, in business, at schools, in relationships by getting more self conscious and comfortable with who they are.  I don’t want to change you. I want you to know who you are and proudly use your skills! And as an introverted person, I strongly promote the ideas of Quiet Communication. Communication that achieves goals without fireworks. Presentations that are powerful without acting and showing off. Speaking about important things in a way that people want to listen.

This is why I love trainings and became Stasia Lewicka Business Trainer

My topics:

Business communication

Presentation skills and public speaking for introverts

Self presentation

Non Verbal communication

Communication in problem solving process.